Welcome Back, Cash Hayden!

Our new Assistant Principal at IHMS is making "the Indian Hill Promise" come full circle. 


Cash graduated from IHHS in 1995, along with 4 other siblings in his family.  "I had such a quality experience here and have so much pride in this school."  Cash certainly made the most of his time here.  A proud 13-Year Club member, he was active in both athletics and the arts. In addition to being on the Varsity Basketball team, Cash was also a performer in the Premieres, active in the Latin Club and participated in theatre.   "I loved being in the talent shows!  Rapping was my act and it was a blast."  In fact, Cash was known to be the Friday lunchtime DJ in the cafeteria!  "Playing music at lunch was a fun way to relax a little on Fridays!"  

"I just love these kids!"

 Mr. Hayden and a group of 8th grade students

Cash went on to graduate from Miami University.  After an initial career in legal services and sales, he felt a calling to education.  He holds a Masters degree and postmasters certification in education from Xavier University and has had 15 years experience in various education settings.  You know he believes in the IH experience as his own three children are current students:  CJ in 6th grade and twins Chas and Sydney in the 2nd grade.   He even lives in the same neighborhood as former IHHS Principal Dr. Karl Feltman!  A small world, indeed. 


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